Answers are found in the mountains

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“I think I am going to pass out,” I whispered under my breath.

The only things that were in my field of vision were my two feet and the jagged rocks in front of me.

I asked my friend,

“I’m so hungry, man. I might faint. Are we almost to the peak?”

As I looked up to hear his response, he wasn’t near me. He was far in the distance, climbing what felt like Everest with a gas tank of infinity. I nicknamed him “Mr. Killer Robot” after this hike.

I’m known as “the photographer” (undeservingly so) among my hiking…

Rediscover yourself through “Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships” by Osho

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“The Wholly Trinity”

Quick Look:

Who is this book for?
Those who suffer from loneliness and those interested in the question, “What is Love?”

How long is it?
240 pages.

Key Lessons Summarized:

  • Loneliness is the stranger to Self. Aloneness is the friend of Self.
  • If I love myself, I love others. If I love others, I love Life. If I love Life, I do not fear Death. In that, I am free.
  • Where Love is, Freedom Follows.

These games or The Game

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Life is an umbrella of infinite mini-games: inputs and outputs.

“Do this to get that. Do that to get this.”

  • If you want to lose some weight, you play the fitness game.
  • If want to be an investor, you play the investing game.
  • If you want to find a life partner, you play the dating game.
  • If you want to feel important, you play the status game.

Applied inputs for desired outputs.

Everything in Life is a game. As the saying goes, “You win some, you lose some.”

So the question arises…how do you win more games?

I. Know What Game You’re Playing

To win a…

It’s not Stoicism or Buddhism


What is Philosophy? Direct Greek translation is “love of wisdom.”

What is Wisdom? “Quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.” -Oxford Dictionary

Many philosophies exist in the world. Many have stood the test of time.

  • Buddhism
  • Catholicism
  • Stoicism
  • Taoism
  • Any other-isms.

Since all these exist, the following questions arise:

“Which one is the best? Which one is right? At the very least, which one is the most effective?”

After reading books on both Eastern and Western philosophies, I’ve come to a conclusion. None of them.

All philosophies, when you read their origins and ask what is truly being said…you’ll…

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All suffering can be summed up as such:

One has too much. One has too little.

Simple example:

  • If you eat too much, you will become fat.
  • If you eat too little, you will become weak.

Suffering is the circle of extremes: Too much is abuse. Too little is starvation.

Recently I heard a quote,

“The generation of the past suffered from scarcity while the generation of today suffers from abundance.”

I argue…

All generations, past, present, and future, suffer from the same suffering: The ignorance of Enough.

One person is starving to death. Another is eating themselves to an…

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Too often we get trapped in the concept of Time.

With The Past, we either miss it or regret it. With The Future, we are either too excited for it or see it as impending doom.

Time is a prison. Time brings anxiety or regret. Time is bondage.

Life is not suffering. Time is.

“What about The Present? Isn’t The Present part of Time?”


The Present is not of Time. The Present is when you break free from Time. To be present is to be Timeless.

Recall the last time you felt Joy.

You were not thinking about good…

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“Learning patience can be a difficult experience, but once conquered you will find life is easier.”

— Catherine Puliser

In September of 2019, I went on an unforgettable trip to Tanzania, Africa. I saw the most beautiful sights of the Serengeti. I saw animals that I thought I could only see in Google Images or Nat Geo. I created new friendships that I will forever cherish. Every evening, I was enamored by the beauty that was the African sunset.

Everything about Africa, I fell in love with. Africa made an impact on my life that I will always hold dear…

Mazhar Zandsalimi via Unsplash

The past can be so haunting. An awful thing happened and now there is a constant loop of the event playing over and over in your head.

It is to the point where the Past negatively dictates the Now.

When the Past negatively dictates the Now, the Past negatively dictates the Future.

Do not allow the sins of yesterday, whether it be your sins or others, distract today.

Today, allow yourself to break free from the shackles.

Free yourself from haunting pain and build towards tomorrow.

1. Allow Yourself to “Purge”

Feel your emotions. Accept your emotions.

Too often people bottle things up.

More often…

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In 2014, I was a kid starting college. I got my first job and made good money. I was in my first relationship with a girl that I envisioned on marrying.

“I am solid, I am set for life!” I told myself at the time.

Oh, how little I knew of the world.

After experiencing actual adulthood, everything in my life was breaking apart. The things I thought that were solid, started crumbling.

I was struggling with academics. I started to become resentful of my job. My relationship was sky-diving.

I felt like I was a zombie. Aimlessly knocking sh*t…


“One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome.” — Mean Girls

Wait. Hold up.

There are benefits in getting punched in the face? and…Did this guy just quote Mean Girls?

Yes, and hell yes. I did.

Funny enough, there are benefits of getting punched in the face. SIX, I will tell you!

Physically benefits? Oh, dear god. No.

There is absolutely no physical/medical benefit in getting your bell rung. If you can avoid getting punched in the face, please do. If not, bob and weave like you are Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In October 2018, I joined a…

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